When you start the day with vomit on your shoes

We went to Ohio State last Friday, both of us a bundle of nerves praying Mike would be able to receive treatment 25. Thankfully, his blood level was 8.8, and he was able to receive treatment 25 of Keytruda. His blood level has to be over 8.1 to receive treatment. The doctors seem to believe that the anemia he is experiencing is from the keytruda, and the ulcers he has had since October. They aren’t changing his treatment or care in any way, they just want him to try to get more protein into his diet. He has to be careful with meat, it is super hard to digest so we are trying to get him protein from things he enjoys like peanut butter. His weight is still down around 171, so we need to keep working on that.

The day started off pretty rough. I have had even more stress than usual the last month(if that is possible), and it all just caught up to me. I had had a headache for a couple days, and Friday morning it was particularly bad. We got into the car on our way, at about 6:30am. Around 7 am I started feeling sick. OMG I was going to throw up in the car. I grabbed a plastic bag filled with Mikes snacks, dumped it out and threw up. We pulled over along side the highway, and I tossed my pitiful stomach contents onto the side of US-23. It was too far down the road to go home, Mike would have been late for his appointment. We had no choice. On to Ohio State we went. I got back into the car, and we kept on driving. We stopped at a rest area, where I rinsed the vomit off of my shoes, rinsed out my mouth, and on we went. Like a couple of cancer warriors that we are…
When we got to Ohio State they gave us a room that has the full hospital bed, and I was able to get into it with Mike, and snooze while he got his treatment. It was an exhausting day, as you can imagine they all are but starting the day off vomiting on the side of the high way sort of lends itself to a special kind of exhaustion.
I confess.. the photo from this post is from that day..I didn’t want to post it..I looked so bad.. but if I can discuss my vomit I can share my even aqua net can’t fix this hair photo!