When the Caregiver needs a Caregiver

I always hesitate to post much on this blog about my personal experiences with being a caregiver.I guess because I feel guilty even thinking of “me” when my husband is going through such a terrible experience. However, this is my space and I have actually had people reach out to me from all over the world,just from this little blog.They have told me that they are dealing with the same sort of issues as we are,and if they can get some comfort,or support from my life experiences I am willing to put them out here,even though I do feel uncomfortable sometimes.So here goes..
As important as it is to have a caregiver when you are sick,it is equally important to have support as the caregiver.
Sometimes the caregiver gets so caught up with taking care of other people,that they don’t take good care of their own needs.Some of us aren’t that good at asking for help for ourselves.Yesterday,we were driving home from Ohio State,and a friend that lives out of state texted me to see how things had gone.I started telling her about how Mike was going to have to wait a couple days to get the tube removed,and how much pain he has from it.I felt myself getting pissed as I was telling her.This friend always knows the right thing to say,and I have leaned on her a lot over the last year.Just talking to her gave me the energy I needed to get on the phone again,and call U of M and insist on them getting Mike in sooner for the tube removal.He has suffered enough. It may seem obvious to people not dealing with this stuff everyday that of course we would call,and demand this-but it isn’t always obvious.
We are dealing with the same stuff everyone else is..kid stuff,job stuff,money stuff.Life or death health stuff can become almost routine.Just another thing you have to deal with..It beats you down.. the struggle..It really can be as simple as a friend reaching out with a simple text of support to help you get your mojo back…
Mikes appointment to have his tube removed is today at 1:30.


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