When Shrinkage is a good thing!

We just got home from our treatment 13 appointment at Ohio State.Every two months Mike has to have a CT Scan to make sure the treatment is still working,in order to stay in the clinical trial. We were feeling pretty confident about this appointment,but with cancer you can never be too confident. So..the good news is that Mikes cancer is stable. They have a hard time measuring his tumor, because it is wrapped around his liver,but they are pretty confident that there has been some shrinkage in the tumor size.He is feeling stronger,and eating more and more everyday.They really put a lot of stock into how you present clinically. The fact that he is gaining some weight,looking better and better,and feeling better overall have them confident he is getting better.
We talked to them a lot about the fevers,and night sweats and unfortunately they are a side effect in about 14% of patients on this drug.They keep saying they want him to go in at 100.5 to make sure there is no infection,but I am pretty sure he has been over that several times.We are trying to head the fevers off with some Tylenol,but he has had night sweats every night for 2 weeks.Not much we can do about it.
This brings me to my next news.The feeding tube that has been in Mikes stomach is being removed asap.It has been causing him so much pain,and misery we are more than ready for it be removed.We found out after the scan that the balloon that was keeping the tube stable fell out of his stomach,and is resting against his skin inside.This is why every time he moves it feels like he is being stabbed in his side.The tube is resting against his skin,and is just so painful.In my opinion this is the downside of the clinical trial being in a different state.We only go to Ohio State every 2 weeks,it is 3 hours away.He can’t just go in to see the dr when he doesn’t feel well. He hasn’t seen the Michigan doctors in months,and so there is a disconnection.Sometime between this scan,and the last the balloon dislodged.
We are really hoping that when this tube is removed he will be pain free.We celebrated with a steak dinner after the scans yesterday,and Mike was able to eat a steak for the first time in a year.It won’t be the last one either!Woo hoo!



  1. This is excellent news!!!! So happy for you both and your family. Keep eating and enjoying life Mike:)

    • Lisa, I was so glad to read of your good news as well.I hope you are doing well,i miss seeing you!

  2. I am literally screaming with joy! If you stick your head outside, you may hear my cheers coming across the mountains to you. This is great news!

  3. I love hearing good news! Sounds as if Mike is doing better and this makes me happy. You all hang in there! My prayers and thoughts are with you.

  4. Blessings Anne, this is fabulous news! Brought tears of joy to my eyes .

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