What chemotherapy treatments look like

If you are ever unlucky enough to need chemotherapy for cancer treatments, the way the treatment rooms are set up can be different depending on the hospital at which you are receiving treatment. At University of Michigan they have the chairs lined up one right after another, separated by a privacy curtain.

At University of Pittsburgh most of the treatments were in a bay of 4 chairs.Two were side by side, and then two seats across from them. So you were sitting having chemo in a reclining chair facing another person directly across from you also having chemo. There was barely any room for me to even sit next to Mike when he was having the treatment. When things got really bad, and he was really sick, we got upgraded to a private room, where he had a hospital bed and his own room.

At Ohio State they have private rooms, and they have semi private rooms. This is a short video of the semi private room.

If you surmise that the bench seat for caregivers is really uncomfortable, you would be correct. We have come along way towards a more patient centric experience, but they have a long way to go for caregivers.