Treatment Three in our rear view

Mike had his 3rd treatment of Keytruda or Mk-3475 3 days ago. The dr was concerned with the welts on Mikes body,and took a picture to be sent off to John Hopkins. That is scary! When your dr takes a photo of the welts.He ultimately thinks it is Mikes immune system on over drive, and gave us a script for a lotion that may help.

We left there,and Mike felt very good for a couple days.Yesterday he had the fatigue, but nowhere near what he has had in the past.

The major good news is that he is eating food! Yes.. solid food. He started about a week ago, and has been easing into it. As I am writing right now, he is eating 2 scrambled eggs, 2 slices of bacon,and 2 pieces of toast. This is a miracle, praise God. Six weeks ago we were looking at stomach diversion because the tumor was blocking off his stomach exit. He won’t have a cat scan for another 3 weeks,but we are sure the immunotherapy is working. He has had no cancer treatment since February 4th. No chemo. Nothing. Except these 3 infusions of MK-3475. It is amazing.

Last night,he took off pain patch,and decided he would see how he feels without pain meds. It is 10am right now,and he is still pain free. I am worried about this,but if he starts to feel pain he will take some pain meds. I just hate for the pain to get ahead of him. How will he know though if he doesn’t test it? If he doesn’t need the pain meds,and they are contributing to the itching then if he can alleviate the itching he needs to do it.

So, right now we are just trying to get the itching under control,and the intense fatigue seems to come and go, but these are things he can live with!