Treatment 6 is History!

Mike had treatment 6 yesterday of pembrolizumab at the University of Pittsburgh. There were some concerns about his blood work, which we think is related to the sodium bicarb that he is using to get the creon down his tube.
We are going to try to make adjustments to how we get the creon in,and see if that helps the blood work. His potassium is low, but some meds should help with that.

The good news is that he is gaining some weight! The creon is helping him digest the liquid formula. He has gained at least 2 pounds! What good news is this is!!

In other good news.. our treatment is being moved to Ohio State University. The trial Mike is in is being conducted at several sites. We asked to transfer to Ohio State from Pittsburgh because it is 100 miles closer to home. We drive 4.5 hrs each way now, if we can cut off 1.5 hours each way it will be a relief. We have to confirm with insurance,but as of now it is a go. If insurance approves,we will be having our next treatment at OSU.

As of now, we are praying the pembro continues to work, and shrinks the tumor. We are hoping any day Mikes stomach will reopen,and he will be able to eat again!