Treatment 4

Mike had his 4th treatment of Keytruda on Wednesday May 27th. Things went smoothly,although the day is so long. They take the labs,and we have to wait for those to be processed before they can do the treatment.The infusion of MK-3475 only takes 30 minutes,but most of the time is spent waiting on lab results.
We went to Pittsburgh on Tuesday night,so Mike could get some rest before his treatment Wednesday. He went over at 8am Wednesday, thinking we could get that out of the way,and then see the dr at 11,and get out earlier.It didn’t happen that way,and we ended up not leaving until 3:30!
Mike is feeling ok, but the side effects of this treatment include exhaustion and joint pain.We went for a walk yesterday, and his legs were hurting him within a couple minutes. He is also very tired.Today, he had some nausea when he woke up,which could be from his stomach acting up with this feeding tube or from the Keytruda.
The good news is that the Dr in Pittsburgh told us that initial results are in for this treatment,and they are great! He told us that the Keytruda is showing lots of positive results with people who have MSI tumors like Mike has.
He cautioned us that it is slow,but steady in shrinking the tumor. We will have a cat scan after treatment 8.. so we will find out if it is helping him, but the hope is that it is.

There is going to be a big announcement tomorrow regarding the trial results.The Dr in Pa says it is going to get national news coverage.Our hope is that the insurance co will eventually pay for this treatment,as the Dr says the results are that good for MSI tumors. Keytruda is already approved for Melanoma, so we are praying.Then we wouldn’t have to drive 4.5 hours each way, and could get the treatment in Michigan at the U of M. It seems like a stretch at this point,but we can hope.
We are just hoping that Mike starts to feel better,and can go back to work and resume his life.His weight seems to have stabilized,so we are concentrating on getting some weight back on him.Trying every day to see the beauty in life,and keep going forward.