Second Infusion of MK-3475 or Keytruda

Mike had his second infusion of keytruda 3 days ago. They told us a bunch of possible side effects to look for,and that it would probably be 3-4 days before he would experience much.
He has been doing fine considering what he is going through so far.He has had severe itching and night sweats which could be from the infusions,but could also be from the pain patch he is using for pain.

Other than that,he is still dealing with the partially blocked stomach from the tumor,and the liquid diet.He is keeping a good attitude,and only now and again does the frustration get overwhelming.

We have been dealing with regular life it goes on and on..Hopefully, we will sell his house soon the pressure of 2 full sets of bills,and the travel to pa,and all the expenses involved with everything can be overwhelming at times!