Rough Week!

Mike came into the hospital on April 26th, with severe nausea and vomiting. It was determined that his stomach is blocked,and that they would have to be do some sort of J-G tube for him to get nourishment for the next month to get nourishment. They were aware of our desperation to continue in the clinical trial in Pittsburgh,and have done everything they can to help us to get there, except do procedures on the weekend. I begged them to do the tubes on Thursday or Friday but they could only schedule us for today. On Saturday night, Mike spiked a fever and now is unable to have the procedure today.
We are on hold in Pittsburgh. Our participation in the trial is very uncertain at this point,as they have protocols to follow and Mike was supposed to go last Tuesday for treatment.

Mike has been telling me that I should run, I should leave, get away and live my life. We have been married such a short time he hates putting me through all this. I have explained to him over and over that everyday I get with him is a gift. I married him for better or worse,and my commitment is for life,and until death does its part.
I consider it a gift to get to take care of him,and to spend whatever time we have together.

I have been so amazed and humbled at the outpouring of love I have received. Our church family brought us a prayer blanket,and has been praying for us. My sister went and got Mikes registration tags updated for his car,and is coordinating getting my house cleaned for me,and someone to cut our grass.
My group of friends that I met online got together and sent us a gift that will cover these expenses. We have received other gifts,and cards,and texts,and prayers and they have been so appreciated.
Mike is the strongest man I have ever met.He has faced so much pain in his life.His father just passed away,and he is dealing with that grief.. Many many times he has wanted to speak to his dad in the last week. I admire him.He has never given up, he has suffered and continued to get up everyday with hope,and a positive attitude.I just hope that I could do the same in his situation.