Pictures are worth a Thousand Words!

The last year and a half in Review!..Winter 2013-winter2013
June 2014-On chemo-june2104
Christmas Morning December 25, 2014-christmas morning
At Biopsy to see if candidate for Keytruda Clinical Trial- beginning of  March 2015- Mike went into the hospital 2 days later with severe pain. The tumor was taking over his stomach March2015
Only a couple weeks later, but barely able to eat, and start of the serious weight loss.

Mikes First Infusion of Keytuda in March 2015mikes first infusion
July 2015 at Mikes dads memorial service- he had been on the feeding tube for a couple months.Unable to eat any solid food.july2015
August 21st- He’s Eating again-Feeding tube still insidemike eating 8.21
Nov 5,2015 at Treatment where they found Ulcer.Feeding tube had been removed October 15thnov52015
Thanksgiving day Nov.26th-2015,We kept it to ourselves but he did throw up that day thanksgiving2015
Dec 4th 2015-Getting better!dec42015
January 1st 2016-Woo Hoo! jan12016



  1. How I love these photos….especially the one from New Year’s Day. And both of you, even through the worst of it, digging down deep and still managing smiles. Your love just shines in every photo, and I wish you two nothing but health and happiness in 2016.

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