More History

After 6 grueling months of chemo consisting of gemcitabine and cisplatin that stopped working, Mike was accepted into a clinical trial that consisted of Trametinib that worked for 7 months,and then stopped working sometime in January.  Mike had a genetic test done last August that was initially going to be used to see add to a catalog of tumors to see if his tumor has any markers in common with other documented tumors.

The results were a bombshell. They came in and told us that Mike has Lynch Syndrome. You can read more about Lynch Syndrome here We didn’t know this at the time,but the Lynch Syndrome Diagnosis while sucking big time,and it does suck big time make no mistake about it, has opened up more options for treatment.

Mike has Bile Duct Cancer.There are no good immunotherapy trials for Bile Duct Cancer.But we were made aware of a trial that he qualified for in Pittsburgh, Pa. It is using the MK_3475 or Keytruda drug. This drug is done by infusion,and is every 2 weeks. It is not a chemotherapy. It is a PD-1 inhibitor.It stimulates our own bodies immune systems to fight the cancer,and specifically the MSH2 gene mutation that the Lynch causes in Mikes body. We have had 1 infusion so far.



  1. I wish you the very best. Prayers going up for you! I’m involved in a study at the Hillman Cancer Center using the same drug but for a different cancer. Just started last Wednesday so it’s too soon to notice any changes. Maybe our paths will cross……

  2. Jane, We are also being treated at the Hillman Cancer Center.Maybe it is the same study? Please keep in touch with your results,as we will here.Prayers for you too!

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