Lavender is a great Essential Oil to help with Itching

Mike ended up in the hospital the morning afer his first infusion in terrible pain.We don’t think it was related to the MK-3475.We really think it was from the pain he had from the needle biopsy,and it just kept getting worse and worse.After 2 days they released him,and changed from oral meds to a pain patch.The pain patch has worked great for pain relief.The only bad thing is that he gets terrible itching from it.

We use therapeutic grade essential oils for a lot of things,and so we use African shea butter and lavender oil to combat the itching.It does help. The itching seems to be the worst on the first day of the three day patch.

If you are looking to buy therapeutic grade essential oils, I use Young Living Oils,although there are other oil companies.You can get a wholesale discount of 24% off if you sign up as a wholesale customer.You can do that through my link on the home page, or through my wholesale link . I do get a small commission from anyone who orders through my link,but the purpose of this post is to give information on essential oils,and the ways that we use them in our family.