It’s Springtime in Michigan

Mike went to Ohio State last Friday by himself for treatment 22. It was an uneventful visit, and uneventful is good.  We still don’t have the results from the lung efficiency test he had at U of M, and a pulmonary dr has to read it, so we wait for that. His weight is staying steady at around 170, and he still has ups and downs with fatigue, and pain but they seem to be shorter in duration, and a little more infrequent.

We are celebrating a year on the clinical trial of MK-3475, or what is commonly known as Keytruda.  Mike had his last chemo a year ago on February 4th, 2015  and we were told then there was nothing else they could do for him, a clinical trial was his last chance at life. It was exactly a year ago today that we were in Pennsylvania having the biopsy to start the trial.  It has been a long, stressful year, but he is alive. We both lost our fathers in the last year, but Mike is still alive.  Cancer will not beat us. It will never win, even if it eventually takes Mikes life. It won’t take away our love, it won’t take away our memories, and it won’t take away the life we have made together.

Cancer can never take away all of the people who have told me through this blog, and privately how much Mike has inspired them by the way he lives his life, and who have gotten information on Keytruda and it’s possible benefits from reading my retelling of our story. We beat cancer every single time someone starts a clinical trial, or looks into a clinical trial, or refuses to give up on life. Cancer loses, and we win!

A year ago we were driving to pa on my birthday. I remember Mike couldn’t eat, and I ate something quick from Tim Hortons at the service plaza on the way there. It was a very sobering, scary day filled with fear and silence. We are still dealing with the fear, but not on the day to day level like we were back then. Now we go from scan to scan every 2 months. Last night on my birthday, we went out for a beautiful meal, and we ate until we all were full!  Mike had filet, and shrimp, and was able to digest it all just fine.

It is spring here in Michigan.  I have always hated this time of year, the grass is yellow and looks dead. The ground is muddy, and it is rainy, and gloomy.

This year it feels differently. I look around and I see patches of green amongst the yellow grass. The rain feels warm, and welcoming. The birds are chirping, and the tulips are blooming.

I feel hopeful.





  1. I feel hopeful for the both of you and am so happy at the progress in Mikes health! You guys are such an inspiration in all aspects! Love ya! Debbie Brodie

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