It’s a Blood Infection

“Ma’am your husbands blood cultures came back, and it’s a blood infection. You need to get to your closest ER right now.”

On Monday, we spent the whole day at University of Michigan cancer center. We were determined to get some help with the non stop fevers Mike had been having. He felt good that day, looked good, but his liver markers had gone up, and his white blood cell count was rising again. They gave him a script for antibiotics, some fluids, took blood, and observed him for 7 hours. He had no fever, no issues.

We left the hospital, and went to the grocery store to pick up some groceries. We barely got through shopping, and he felt awful again. We barely got home, and here came the fevers. Up to 102 in less than an hour. He had the rigors again, which consisted of violent shaking, and uncontrollable chills. I called the cancer center, they said if it went on too long to take him to the ER, but that the running theory was still tumor fevers. It never felt right to either of us, he has had a few tumor fevers before, but these were different.

Tuesday, Mike laid around on the couch, not feeling well. I was literally walking out the door to go to a cancer support group, and infectious control called and said that the blood cultures that they had taken were growing something, and that Mike needed to get to the ER immediately.

Since Tuesday evening Mike has been in the hospital fighting a blood infection. They found some pockets of infection on his liver, and in his blood. There are some thoughts behind how he got it, but it just happens sometimes when the immune system is compromised. Physical exertion exacerbated the symptoms of the infection. They aren’t sure when the infection started, but the infection in his blood is different from the infection on his liver.

He finally came home a few hours ago. We are waiting for the home nurse to come to our home, and show us how to give him the IV antibiotics. He will be on them 3 times a day until the infection clears. His energy is limited, his appetite is limited, and he doesn’t feel well at all.

He has been fighting for a long time. Last night he wanted to try to walk around the hospital. We took a short walk, and it was just too much. By the time I got him back to the bed, he could barely make it. His breath was labored, his pace very slow. I got him into bed, and he was breathing so heavily. I sat beside him on the bed, and held his hand. He had tears dripping down his face, and and he was in excruciating pain. The nurse told him to go to his happy place in his mind, and to try to moderate his breathing. He told the nurse that he just wanted to look at my face, and so we sat on the bed holding hands.

We sat quietly. I reminded him of our home, our children, our life together.



  1. My prayers continue. I feel your pain as I read your words and am so sorry for what you are both going through.

  2. What a journey you have been on together. Hang in there. You are in my prayers.

  3. Prayers coming your way, Mike! Hugs to you both.

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