If cancer doesn’t get us, our schedule will!

We set out for Ohio State at 4am on Friday to get there for 8am scans. Mike has to have CT scans every 2 months to make sure the tumors are shrinking or staying the same, and that there is no new lymph node action. He has to have the scans, and good results before they can treat him. We were doing this over 2 days last year, because it really is too much to do in 1 day.  He works full time, and has limited sick/vacation time so we are trying to do it all in 1 day this year. It is exhausting. Even for me, who is healthy. I don’t know how Mike does it, but he feels this tremendous need to provide for our family, and gets up every day and goes whether he feels up to it or not.

Mikes scan results were stable. Yay!  He had significant shrinkage the last scans, so we were happy with no growth, and stability. The tumors won’t always shrink, the dr is happy with him just being stable.  He was low in iron, so they gave him some iron, and he had his 20th infusion of Keytruda and after 8 hours at the hospital we were good to go.

We have had this cold/flu thing for over 3 weeks, it started with me getting sick which was a major disappointment, because I do everything I can to avoid bringing anything into the house, and I pride myself on never being sick!  I mean I  pretty much bathe in hand sanitizer! Mike didn’t get it for a couple weeks, but with us being in such close proximity all the time, and me smooching on his delicious face  it was inevitable that he would pick something up. Of course, it has hit him extra hard.

His immune system is working on overdrive, and he has been so fatigued and as he says ” He feels like ass.” I don’t really understand that statement, as I feel like Ass feels pretty good, but we can all get his point.  I am sure sometimes he would like to just get into bed, and stay there.  Sometimes he does. However, this was not going to be one of those times.  We decided to go on with our plans to go to my mommas wedding in Kentucky over the weekend.

We drove on down Saturday morning, and enjoyed 24 hours of family time before driving home sunday night in a blizzard.

Sometimes, I have to just laugh and throw my hands up. God is really challenging me.. A blizzard on top of everything else? Really? It reminds me of when we were coming back from Pennsylvania after Mike got the news the treatment was working, and our car engine blew up in the Lincoln somewhere in Ohio. We all piled into my stepsons car which had no air conditioning, but did have our cooler of beer. I am not going to lie, I was in the back seat dangerously close to losing it, and I poured myself a cold beer. It is the closest I think I have ever come to having a soap opera breakdown. I wasn’t crying, but I was a tad hysterical.  Good times!

I couldn’t drink beer in the blizzard sunday night, as I was following Mike in my car. He was driving one of my moms cars back to Michigan. It took us 9.5 hrs to drive what would normally be a 7 hour drive. These life annoyances used to wind me up, as my husband likes to call it. The good news is after having my husband of 4 months almost die on me nothing really phases me anymore. I just eat more candy, turn up my Adele CD, and keep on going..

Today we are just hoping that this cold goes away soon. I have had to show my license to buy cold meds way too much the last couple of weeks. I am not sure what happens when they think you have bought enough, and they won’t sell it anymore, but I don’t want to find out. Maybe you have to buy your Sudafed at a meth house after that? Anyhow.. I don’t want to find out. I just want this hideous cold Mike has to go away, so we can get back to eating chips, and drinking Gin & Juice.

Oh, by the way for those keeping track- he’s  up to 170 pounds! He is within 5 pounds of the weight he was when this whole cancer nightmare started. Yay!



  1. Soooo happy to hear that Mike’s tumors are stable and that he’s gaining weight!!! You guys have come a long way and are inspiring to see the love and d dictation between you two😍

  2. We are glad you all can keep your sense of humor through this! Speedy recovery from your cold and we continue to pray and cheer on your progress as we follow your journey to kick this thing.

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