Hey You

Hey you 🙂

Someone I love starts a lot of texts with those two little words. As if he is just dying to talk to me, and it may have been a day, a week, a month, or a year since we’ve spoken but it feels familiar, personal, and makes me feel warm inside.

That’s also how i feel when i think of you, and this blog.

I’ve missed you.

I actually deleted the last blog post I wrote, a couple weeks after I wrote it, because it felt mean spirited, and not like me. The person it referenced found out about it anyhow several months later, and it hurt him. I have promised not to blog about him anymore, so i am not talking about him right now, even though I am talking about him right now.

Our actions cause reactions.

I was already feeling weird about documenting my life so publicly. I mean everyone can understand grieving loss to some extent. It’s a whole different thing when you try to explain why you aren’t interested in dating a handsome, successful man when he may possibly be reading your written words. I’m sorry I just couldn’t get past all of the hand painted action figures sitting on his giant board game table.

There was also the fact that he kept same siding me in restaurants. Who does that?

Board game players that’s who. I would slide into the booth, and he would sit beside me on the same side!!


I am sure you are even more confused about why i havn’t blogged than you were before, or maybe you’ve already stopped reading.

I understand completely.

Hey you 😜



  1. I think most people have those little “do not trespass” markers in their relationships. Having a partner who knows all the stumbling blocks and holes in the trail is so comforting. Strangely we begin to forget just how special a partner is and think they can be replaced with dating a bit, socializing, hanging out here and there. The reality is hard and kind of unforgiving. Maybe its a lesson we need to learn about dealing with others closely. They cant possibly know where our “keep out” spaces are, but they try and that’s got to mean a lot too.

    • Doyle, that is very insightful. I have had to think about your words, you are so right. The familiarity of a partner is something i miss so much. Thank you for sharing.

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