Finally good news! Results of CAT SCAN

After a couple weeks of the lowest of the lows, Mike had his cat scan on Tuesday,June 9th. The dr in Pa said it was time to see what was going on, even though we had been told after 6 treatments all along. This of course scared us to death. I had myself convinced that the treatment wasn’t working, after having been so positive it was working. We had the scan,and met with Dr Lee on Wednesday..
Are you ready? The keytruda is working! It is working! The tumor has shrunk 25% after 4 treatments. They want to see 30% after 6 treatments, so they are very positive. We are so thrilled.

Since then, we have had some time to get used to it.Mike is starting to feel better, even though he is still losing weight.We had a meeting with U of M Drs on Friday,and they ran some tests, and we are strategizing on how to get weight back on Mike. First, we need to stop the weight loss. The drs in Pa saw that the tumor has penetrated his stomach which is why he can’t eat. We need that to resolve,and Mike can eat again.We will know he can eat again when he can clamp off the tube,and hold food in his stomach.We are hopeful that happens in the next couple weeks,but realistically no one really knows.

So he was able to have treatment 5 on Wednesday,and so far no nausea! Mikes son Scotland is here,and his brother Steve has been here for the weekend.What a morale boost! Mike has been able to enjoy his kid,and his brother and we are hopeful we can plan for a future soon.