Day 4 after Treatment

Mike was exhausted on Friday. He literally slept all day. I have read that this is a common side effect from the MK-3475. He also has a rash that is coming up on his body,which makes it hard to sleep. He has had a good appetite the last couple days,and we enjoyed a nice Easter.
We went to church this morning,and then brunch.He wasn’t able to eat much at church, but the rest of us gorged ourselves to the point that I havn’t seen the kids in the kitchen in the last 5 hours!

We have been watching The Bible mini series for the last 5 hours,and are enjoying a relaxing day. You really grow to appreciate relaxing,calm days with no emergency rooms…



  1. Hi my 45 year old husband has been diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma 4 months ago, it was a shock as he looked (and still does) incredibly well. Unfortunately he has liver and lung secondaries he has had tumour reduction with radiation and chemo (gemcitabine and cisplatin) we are looking at other alternative drugs particularly immunotherapy such as Keytruda…how is your husband going with treatment and is hd part of a trial? I am really interested to see any results for this drug and CC, I hope your husband is responding it is a difficult time, warm wishes to you and your family

    • Hi Karen,
      My husband also did the gemcitabine/cisplatin,and it worked for a period of time. Yes, he is in a clinical trial in Pittsburgh,Pa.You can look through my blog to see. We are very hopeful. The reason the keytruda is promising for my husbands cancer is that he has a hereditary genetic condition that causes genetic malformities in his DNA code.I wish you and your family all the best,and thank you for reaching out to me. This is such a difficult time, please take good care.

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