And The Greatest of These is Love

1 Corinthians 13:13- But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love.

I was reminded of this verse at 3am this morning when I woke suddenly. Mike was rustling about,and I must have felt it in my sleep. He was feeling stomach acid in his throat,and itching like crazy.He has these welt like bumps all over his arms,and they are itching like crazy.

I got up, and we tried the shea butter/lavender first. He got no relief. I had put calamine lotion on them before we went to bed,and he had taken some Benadryl, so we decided to reapply. We have to be careful with lotions. Dr Lee our oncologist told us that steroids counter effect the Keytruda, so it is important to choose a lotion with no steroids.Calamine has no steroids. It seems to give him some relief from the intense itching.

He took 2 tums for his stomach issue,and I rubbed some Digeze (Young Living Essential Oil) on his stomach.He says the Digeze gives him instant relief.

We ended up watching more of the Cancer special that has been on PBS for a couple of hours until he could get relaxed enough to rest,and got back to sleep around 5am.

Mike has Bile Duct cancer,and all of the blogs and information on this drug that I can find are for people fighting melanoma,and lung cancer.His Lynch Syndrome (MSI) is what makes him eligible for this clinical trial.Consequently, I am sure his side effects will be a little different than most peoples.



  1. You are the greatest and you love will get him through !

  2. So sorry that you and your loving husband, Mike, are having to endure this horrible battle. I pray for continued strength, grace that overcomes all, and a love that endures forever. God bless you both!

  3. It absolutely sounds like Mike’s body is duking it out with the cancer, and winnng! So glad he can eat again. Pittsburgh is really a nice city, and I don’t doubt that you will all but own it by the time treatment is complete. I continue to stream positive energy to you both.

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