Uneventful Dr appointments are the best!

We had treatment 11 of the immunotherapy drug Keytruda on Friday.It seems like we were just there,but it was 2 weeks.
The day was super long as they all are.We arrived for 10:40 blood draw,and waited after that until 2pm to see the Dr. There is a 2 hr wait after seeing the dr for them to mix the treatment drug,and then finally the infusion which takes only 1/2 hour.We got out of there at 4:15,only to sit in Ohio rush hour traffic.We left the house at 7am,and got home at 9pm..
The Lasix did it’s job, Mikes swelling in his feet is pretty much gone,and he feels pretty good.His stomach is still giving him issues,but they cut his liquid feedings down again to 1500 calories a day,as he has been able to maintain his weight at 154-156 for the 2 weeks.We need him to be able to eat as much by mouth as he can during the day,and maintain his weight.
The goal is to get the feeding tube removed,and as soon as possible.Mike has progressed to eating a couple meals a day, which is an improvement over the last 2 weeks when he could barely eat one.
Things are looking up for us,and we are thrilled.Thank you for your support,and for those reading who are following this blog,i hope your loved ones are experiencing the same miraculous results from this drug as Mike is.The dr cautions us every week that it is slow but steady improvements.We are finding this to be the case,and today I feel really hopeful!
By the way..the photo for this blog post is Mike with his medical monkey.A dear friend sent this medical monkey to him from MedicalMonkeys.com. Medical monkeys are a way to show you care,when you can’t be there in person.For each purchase of a medical monkey,the company makes a $10 donation to the charity of your choice.It is a great company,and a darling little monkey.



  1. We are thrilled to hear Mike is improving and is able to eat again! We are still sending prayers and good thoughts your way.

  2. I’m so glad to hear good news! keep it up! sending prayers and good vibes your way! i hope he gets his tube out soon and he can eat whatever he wants!

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