Treatment 9 and Cat Scan Results

Mike had his latest appointment at Ohio State of Keytruda for his bile duct cancer on Thursday,Aug.13th-Friday,Aug.14th. He had to be there on Thursday for his cat scan to see what the tumor is doing,and if the immunotherapy is working. Friday at 6:30 am they did a needle biopsy of live tumor tissue.Apparently, this is just for research purposes,and part of the trial protocol.The last needle biopsy Mike had put him in the hospital for a week from pain.They only did lidocain as an anesthetic at UPMC. Mike was adamant that he put under anesthesia this time.Who could blame him? He has suffered enough. The procedure went well,and although he is still sore 5 days later, it is nothing like what he went through the last time in March.
So, the good news is that the tumor has continued to shrink on the Keytruda. The dr said it is hard to measure, but they see about a 4-5% reduction in tumor size.The bad news is that they still see no separation of the tumor and his stomach-which means the tumor is still invading his stomach.
He is still trying to eat some pureed food like mashed potatoes,and vegetable soup.However, his stomach is just giving him fits! He has so much stomach gas,and bloating that he is miserable.
Last night he woke up with stomach gas in his throat, and it felt like it was burning his throat to the point that his voice sounded funny this morning when he first got up.
We are happy he is doing better,and that the tumor is shrinking but cancer never lets you rest or forget. He is still sleeping only a few hours at a time,still on the liquid diet,and still having serious pain in his stomach.
He is hopeful he will be able to eat food after 4.5 months on the liquid diet,and says the food he craves the most is just a simple hot dog.



  1. Anne, you write so beautifully and lovingly of such a horrendous time. I am so glad Mike has you by his side and I hope someday to meet you.

  2. Thank you so much! It certainly has been horrendous at times,but we laugh every single day,and are grateful for whatever time we get!I hope to get to meet you too!

  3. I can’t wait to buy him his first bucket of chicken! I don’t dare steal a piece either! -:)

  4. I continue to pray for you and Mike. I think about you all the time. Stay strong I love you.

  5. Hi Anne,
    So glad Mike’s tumor is shrinking. I can completely relate about the sense of anguish you are feeling. My sister, Barrie, just had her second infusion and she not only is like a stick figure, but the level of exhaustion she is experiencing is truly scary. I pray that this stuff works!!! I also agree, if a “friend” or family mber doesn’t even inquire about Barrie, I really don’t want to continue a relationship. I pretty much tell people that she has OK days and bad days. I pray for Mike and your family. It’s a tough disease.

    • Please keep me posted Jeanne.I hope she has good results at her 2 month scan.

  6. Hi anne
    My father is diagnosed with CC metastasis and docs here in india have given 6 months or so. Have not started any treatment since chemo is supposed to be the default option. My mom is also going thro breast cancer and in the middle of chemo 3. I want to give him painfree few months of his life and hece I was searching for keytruda and came across your story which provides hope and faith in life. you are truly a special person to take care of him so well. I will continue reading your blog..
    I am trying to enroll in Keytruda for cc trial for him. Can you help me with any contact info. I work in alabama and Tennesse seems to have a trial center. My parents are in india and I wish to fly them to Alabama.
    Any help or contacts if you have time for clinical trials for keytruda will be a godsend..

    Thank you anne..

    • Hello, First of all I am really sorry to hear that both of your parents are dealing with this terrible disease.It must be extremely difficult for you,especially living so far away from them. The reason my husband qualifies for the Keytruda is because he has an MSI2 Tumor.(Micro Satellite High Intensity).They aren’t doing any clinical trials that I am aware of on only Cholangicarconoma.The dr said that is mainly because it is so rare. However, if I were you I would look at the website,and see the trials that are available.Mike did a trial of trametinib before the Keytruda and it worked with minimal side effects for 5 months.The trial Mike is in now has several satellite sites,the main trial is thru John Hopkins University.Good luck to you, I hope this helps!Anne

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