Treatment 8 of Keytruda Drug July31,2015

Yesterday was treatment 8 of the drug Keytruda. We were amazed by the efficiency of the whole treatment process. It is the first treatment Mike has had in this clinical process that went from A-B-C with little to no delay! We were done by 3pm when we got there at 10. I don’t know if it is because it was a Friday, or what the reasons for the treatment being done so quickly but we were thrilled. I like the way they set up the chemo area at Ohio State. It is more private. You have your own room, and you have a privacy curtain between each room. So you can close it off to rest, or to block off the area. They do have these rooms at UPMC,but we only got to use them one time which happened to be the last visit we had there. We had most of our treatments in a large room with four chairs.Your chair could be sectioned off by a curtain, but for the most part you are sitting getting treatment facing someone else getting treatment.This set up doesn’t lend itself to privacy, but the upside is that we got to know our nurses very well.

As far as treatment went, it was uneventful. The way we like them! Mike will have his cat scan,and a needle biopsy at the next treatment. He is dreading the needle biopsy because after the last one the pain was so bad he had to be hospitalized. We have asked them to put him under anesthesia this time,instead of conscious sedation.He has had so many procedures,it is ridiculous for him to have to suffer anymore than he has to.
Until then we wait for the tumor to shrink enough for food to pass,and for hopefully him to feel better and better!



  1. I am anxiously following your Ketruda treatment. My husband was diagnosed with klatskin tumor in January. He had the surgery but there were positive margins left behind. He has just finished 4 rounds of chemo and will be starting radiation soon. Prayers all will go well for you.

    • Thank you so much! I am praying for you as well. We can all use all of the support and prayers that we can get.Please keep me updated on your husband.Hugs!

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