Treatment 10 of Keytruda in rear view window..

I promise not to be such a debbie downer in this post as my last one.. I had fallen in the middle of the night,and twisted my back from no sleep,and 2 days later Mike had a no sleep related incident that scared the daylights out of both of us.So I was in a despair when I posted that one..

We went to Ohio State Friday for treatment. They gave Mike Lasix for the bloating,and swollen feet in the hopes that it will help.Apparently 20% of Keytruda patients get the swelling,and there is no clear time frame for when it will happen.He has taken it for 2 days,but feet are still swollen so hopefully it will start working soon.His feet ache,and he is on them at work,so it just isn’t reasonable for him to stay off them and keep them propped up all the time.
The good news is that Mike has gained 20 pounds in the last month.Really they had him at 25 pds,but we think some of that is clearly water weight! We decided to lower the 3000 calories of liquid diet to 2250 for the next two weeks.It makes sense now that he is eating.He has a slender frame,and no way could he continue to have 3000 calories of liquids,and eat food by mouth. I am hopeful some of his digestion issues will resolve with this,and he will continue to eat food by mouth,and not need this feeding tube soon! We have set a goal to be free of this feeding tube,and the more he can tolerate by mouth,and keep his weight up, the better it will be.

Honestly, he hasn’t had tumor pain in months.The pain is at this tube site. He has a hole in his stomach,with a tube sticking out.That makes you miserable.. every time he accidently pulls the tube, it is so painful it brings tears to his eyes. He can only lay on his back, or on one side.Besides the fact that he has this bag hanging off of the tube (similar to colostomy),and it has exploded several times.It gets disconnected,and leaks.. It is just a pain to deal with.If he had to deal with it for the rest of his life, he would.We just hope he won’t have to.

We have been busy playing with our new vintage camper,and planning my first camping trip up north.. All my pals are making fun of me,because camping has never been on my list of things I would like to However, since I have been with Mike I have expanded my horizons to include the things that he enjoys. When we first got together, he said something about how easy it was for him to fit into my world,but would I be able to fit into his? I thought about this for weeks..imagining what he was going to want me to? I was imagining that he would want me to go deer hunting,or get under the car and change the oil or Finally, I just asked him what exactly he would want me to do to fit into his world?Major relief- I just have to ride on his motorcycle with him once in a while,watch endless old car shows,and try camping! No Problem…haha



  1. It’s great news that Mike has gained 20 lbs.! Awesome! Keep positive and have fun in the camper! you are going to love it! carrie

  2. Sounds like a reasonable request. I think you can rock the biker babe thing!

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