Results of Treatment 7 of Keytruda

At treatment 7 we talked a lot about the J-G tube Mike has,and the tube feedings. I have been thinking that Mike would be able to eat anyday,because he seems to be getting better and better. However, the Dr reminded me that the Immunotherapy isn’t linear. Meaning that unlike traditional chemotherapy, immunotherapy doesn’t always have results after each treatment.In fact, it isn’t uncommon to have several treatments with no tumor shrinkage,and then suddenly to have tumor shrinkage. The goal is to have no tumor or disease progression.

This really took the wind out of me yesterday. I have been convinced that Mike would be able to eat anyday, and he still may. If the tumor does shrink more, he will be able to eat. However, he is alive and back to work,and participating in our life together.That is really the goal. I just know how much he misses food,and his 40 pound weight loss has been so hard on him. I want desperately for him to be able to eat again.