It was a blood Infection

So, here we are 16 days after the last time I posted. Honestly, my heart hasn’t been in it. So much bad news, I wanted to wait until something good happened.Mike ended up having a blood infection,which could have killed him.Thankfully, U of M started him on antibiotics immediately. He was on antibiotics for 2 weeks,and I gave him the 8 days worth myself in his port when he got home Tuesday,May 13th. I have been busy learning how to feed him with his feeding tubes,change his dressing on his stomach,give him shots of antibiotics,and help him in the shower(I rather like that). He has had trouble gaining weight.In fact,he has lost 35 pounds in 4 months. They upped his caloric intake today. He is now on 3000 calories a day,over 23 hours. Basicly continuous flow. He is struggling because he is so hungry. His stomach is apparently totally blocked from the tumor,nothing is going into the small intestine. So, his stomach grumbles and feels empty. He can clamp it off,and hold liquid in his stomach for a while,but it starts to get uncomfortable,and he has to unclamp and drain his stomach into a bag. It is a j-g tube. We are hoping it is only temporary, until he can get treatment that shrinks his tumor again. Hopefully this will open his stomach back up and allow him to eat real food.
It has been a very very trying time.We basicly lost april and most of may. Two weeks in the hospital, I barely remember.