Initial Results for Keytruda Study to be released Tommorrow

Dr Lee in Pa told us that the initial results of this trial are going to be published tomorrow in a National Publication.He told us that the National News will be picking this up,and it is a big big deal! He couldn’t tell us before because of confidentiality agreements.. but they are seeing really good results with this drug Keytruda,Pembrolizamab,MK-3475 with the kind of tumor Mike has. MSI tumors.Remember it is the type of tumor he has that makes him eligible for this trial,not the type of cancer.

The results will be released tommorrow. Dr Lee says the shrinkage is slow,but steady based on the results of the trial.It isn’t like chemo where there is an initial blast of good results.. the results happen slower,but they are happening! We won’t know for sure until after 8 treatments what Mikes results are,but we have been encouraged from the start that it is working.We always knew we were in a race against time with his stomach getting blocked..

This brings up a lot of interesting possibilities. First of all, this drug is allready approved for Melanoma.We are hopeful after these results are published the pressure will be on to approve this treatment for MSI tumors. We need the door to open for other people to get this treatment,and the insurance companies to feel the pressure to cover this treatment. Down the road.. if it works on Mike he could conceivably get this treatment in Michigan,and have it covered under insurance.He won’t leave the trial until/if this is a reality.This treatment is $12,000 a month just for the drug 2x a month right now..It is covered under the study at this point.