Being a Caregiver of Someone with Cancer

It is not something most people aspire to be.. but if you are lucky enough to love deeply you may find yourself in a place where you are a caregiver for someone who is really ill.Sometimes you are prepared,and other times you are suddenly thrust into it.Either way, I am sure most people have no idea what the reality of it is.

It is absolutely brutal to watch someone you love in pain,and suffering from a terrible disease like cancer.I consider myself emotionally mature,but even I have trouble dealing with this daily.
The truth is.. sometimes Mike feels good and sometimes he doesn’t. I am learning to really embrace the days when he feels good enough to participate in his life,and our life together.These are the days I live for.The other days,when he is too sick to care,too sick to be able to help me these days are the low days.

I make it my goal everyday to help him to see something good in his life,a reason to be.Whether this is a phone call to his children,or an episode of our favorite shows on Netflix or when we are lucky a day at the ballpark watching the Tigers play.. I think it is important for us all to really take a minute,and embrace the things we have to be grateful for.
Cancer is so brutal.. it takes everything away-but we can take back our gratitude, our joy.