Creon can help with digestive issues post whipple

I was reading one of the cholangiocarcinoma support groups, as I often do and I came across this post-img_5781_edited

For those who don’t know, Mike had a whipple procedure in 1999 when he had pancreatic cancer. He is one of the 20% to survive 5 years post whipple. He had to take 3 pancreatic enzymes (creon) with each meal for the last 17 years. We get them every 3 mths, and it costs around $5000 per refill.

When the tumor closed off Mikes stomach again in July, he stopped being able to digest food, and consequently didn’t need the creon anymore.

I had his left over meds here, and asked around several times to see if there is anyplace I could donate this medicine to, with no success. When I came across this post, it was clear to me why I had this leftover medicine here.

I talked it over with Mike, and we offered the above poster the creon that Mike had left from his last prescription. He accepted.

I sent him the medicine, and a few weeks later I got this text- response

I have been trying to make sense of the absolute chaos of our medical system. It is wrong that someone who desperately needs this medicine is being denied it. Our medical care is being run by big business.

Big business is not better business.